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Important: This add-on has a dedicated user guide. You can check it here.

The CM Answers Anonymous User Posting Add-on offers the option for non logged-in users to post questions, answers and comments in the CM Answer discussion board. 

Questions, answers, and comments by non logged-in users are posted under a generic username and appear as such on the forum. The admin can moderate anonymous postings to avoid spam and authorize content. The add-on also provides Captcha support for the question and answer forms, so that you can fight the spam on your site.

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Anonymous User Posting: How it Works?

After installing the Anonymous User Posting add-on, any user accessing the site will be able to post questions or answers based on the access settings defined in your plugin settings, even when they are not logged in (anonymous).

Captcha and Display Name for Anonymous Users

The Anonymous User Posting add-on also comes with Captcha support. You can find the URLs to acquire captchas and choose your settings from the plugin General Settings.

You need to acquire your API keys from google or and enter them before the Captcha box will work. The admin can also choose what the Anonymous User display name will be.

After installing the Anonymous User Posting add-on, you need to make sure to define the access control settings for anonymous users. Go to the plugin settings Access Control tab and select for each option the permission granted for anonymous users. 

In the Access Control Settings, "Everyone" refers to anonymous users. The admin can allow anonymous users to view questions and/or post questions, as well as post answers and comments. 

File Attachments

The behavior of anonymous users can also be extended for attachments upload. Please visit the  Thread tab in the plugin settings to determine these settings.

Here, the admin can determine if anonymous users can add file attachments to questions and answers. 

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