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Import and Export (Add-on)

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TIP: Download File Example

Speed up the import process by using a sample file. Download CSV example file

The CM Answers Import and Export Add-on supports backup, export and import of questions, answers, tags, votes, categories, and all of your forum's metadata to and from multiple WordPress sites. 

This add-on can facilitate the process of migrating your Q&A forum from one WP site to another. It also includes a sample CSV file for import to further simplify sharing your precious Q&A content across WordPress sites.

Use Cases

  • Moving CM Answers from one site to another
  • Importing questions from a CSV file into CM Answers 
  • Backing up your CM Answer data
  • Move your Questions and Answers from an external plugin to CM Answers

How to Use the CM Answers Import and Export Add-on?

After installing the add-on, the Export & Import link will appear under the CM Answers plugin dashboard in the admin panel.

On the left, you will find the format of the CSV file used by this plugin to store data and information from your CM Answers forum. Please refer to this formatting if you would like to make any changes to the CSV file or if you would like to add data to the files. Click the blue Export button to export all of the information in your forums to a CSV file.

Click the blue Import button to import CM Answers forum information from a CSV file. Simply select the file you want to import and decide how you would like to treat questions that were submitted by users that do not exist on the new site (skip these questions/answers, or assign them to a chosen user).

After you import the CSV file, the data from the file will automatically generate the questions, answers, comments, categories, and other metadata from your forum and add it to the existing CM Answers forum on your WordPress site!

Video Overview

The following video provides an in-depth explanation of how this add-on works:

Note: You can purchase this AddOn together with expert support in order to help you with the migration of content between sites and from another plugin to CM Answers. The expert support includes hands-on help to transfer the data into CM Answers. In case you are importing data from another plugin into CM Answers, please purchase 90 min of expert support which may also include some scripting work in adjusting the imported CSV into the CM Answers CSV format

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