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Idea Stimulator (Add-on)

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Important This add-on has a dedicated user guide. You can check it here.

We've prepared an add-on to change your CM Answers Pro into the Idea Stimulator plugin. 

Instead of questions users will be able to post ideas. Other users can support the ideas by clicking the Approve button on the idea page or by adding a suggestion with Submit new idea.

Need a way to accept payments from site visitors contributing questions or answers?

The Answers Payments Support add-on does just that.

Idea Stimulator index page layout

The Idea Stimulator provides new Index page layout which emphasizes the number of approvals.

Creating ideas

Use the "Submit new idea" button on the index page to post new idea.

Idea page

New layout has been also applied to the thread page. The Approve button allows users to approve the idea.

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