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Navigate to Admin Dashboard -> CM Admin Tools -> CM Admin Tools Pro.

Click on Performance tab.


  • Disable remote connection -  If enabled, the WP_HTTP_BLOCK_EXTERNAL constant will be set to true. It will stop all outgoing network requests from your site. This is typically set on sites that are sitting behind a closed environment. Disabling outgoing connections will increase the performance of your website but can cause issues with some plugins that need to connect with the remote servers.
  • Limit outgoing connection timeout - Set the maximum time limit for the outgoing network connections. This is a limit value so if the default connection's timeout is lower than this value it won't be changed.


  • Heartbeat interval between 15 and 60 [sec] - Heartbeat is a client-side JavaScript that requests your website's server from the user's web browser window by AJAX for every few seconds when browsing your website. Increase the interval for better performance.
  • Heartbeat autostart - Disable the heartbeat autostart to increase the website performance (to read more about heartbeat please visit this article - you don't need to install another plugin since the admin tools covers all needed functionality related to the heartbeat)
  • Load scripts in footer - If enabled, all JavaScript resources instead of jQuery will be loaded on the frontend in wp_footer instead of head section. This can increase loading the page content in case some script is blocking the page rendering.
  • Lazy load images - If enabled the images in the page content on the front-end won't be loaded instantly but just before user scrolls down the browser window (read more about Lazy load in here - you don't need another plugin as described in this article but the basic functionality of lazy load which is explain is covered by the admin tools) 

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