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Error Log

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Navigate to Admin Dashboard -> CM Admin Tools -> Error Log.

On this page you can find error logs (content of debug.log file). The plugin collect errors in two ways:

- Basic - If WP_DEBUG  is not enabled. Plugin will collect errors gathered by the plugin itself as it runs on top of other WP plugins. This is not a complete error log but a partial one which plugin managed to collect. To get a full error log please refer to the advanced option

- Advanced - Best way is to enable WP_DEBUG. In this case plugin will read the debug.log file and analyze the data

In case you want to turn on the Advanced error logging. Please set the wp_debug in wp-config.php file. (you can read more about this in here

Debug status is also displayed on the the CM Admin Tools -> Dashboard tab in the Errors section.

More information about the CM Admin Tools WordPress Plugin

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