CM Tooltip Glossary Skins (CMTTS) - How Plugin Works

How Plugin Works

CM Tooltip Glossary Skins Add-On lets user to customize tooltips appearance with easy and intuitive set of controls located in Settings page of CM Tooltip Glossary base plugin.

Navigate to Admin Panel -> CM Tooltip Glossary -> Settings.

Click on Tooltip Skins tab.

Here user have set of controls to fully customize tooltip according to his requirements.

  • Tooltip Skin Template - select one of pre-defined tooltip skins.
  • Position - set tooltip position in relation to term in the text.
  • Stem - set length and base width of tooltip stem.
  • Paddings - set padding of tooltip.
  • Border - set tooltip border: border color, radius (rounded corners), width and style.
  • Font - set font options for the tooltip: colors and sizes for content text and title.

  • Background & Opacity - set background color for the tooltip and background opacity value.
  • Fonts - rest of settings for content text and title.

Below: User can see at once how customized tooltip looks like.

Below: This is how tooltip looks like on front-end with applied one of the pre-defined skin.

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