CM Tooltip Glossary Stats (CMTTST) - How The Plugin Works

How The Plugin Works

CM Tooltip Glossary Stats Add-On delivers complete statistics for Glossary Tooltip terms.

To see statistics navigate to Admin Panel -> CM Tooltip Glossary -> Logs.

Statistics can be show in two ways: Logs Table or Graph.


Choose Graph as statistics presentation method.

With this method user can visualise all statistics on graph and check how many tooltips were displayed etc.

Logs Table

Logs Table method can display statistics for Events by time or Events by type.

Logs Table - Events by time

Choose Logs Table as statistics presentation method and Event - by time to lis terms statistics.

With this view user can see all terms that were clicked and also detailed information about users who clicked on them.

Logs Table - Events by type

Choose Logs Table as statistics presentation method and Event - by type to lis terms statistics.

With this view user can see terms and number of clicks, hovers etc.


Statistics can be exported to XLS page. To do this scroll down to the end of the statistics and click on Export Log Page to XLS (exporting just current statistics page) or Export Whole Log to XLS (to export all statistics).

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