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CM Payment Gateways Order for EDD has a few features to adjust gateways in checkout.

Navigate to Admin Panel -> Downloads -> Settings. Click on Payment Gateways tab.

Reorder gateways

To re-order gateways click on and drag an element to a new spot to change the order of Gateway Payments on checkout page. Save changes.

Horizontal/Vertical display

To change display style choose Vetical/Horizontal in fields below gateways and save changes.

Below: Horizontal view.

Below: Vertical view.

Gateway Label

To change gateway label change value in field next to Gateway name and save changes.

Gateway Icons

User can easily add custom icon to specific gateway by pasting icon url to field next to gateway label.

Custom Message

Each gateway can display specific message below gateways list. Add Custom Header nad Custom Content to provided fields and save changes.

Below: Payment Gateways settings.

Below: Frontend payment gateways display.

Gateway Tooltip

User can add tooltip text to each gateway. Tooltips are displayed with icons next to gateway label on checkout page.

Below: tooltip text for Amazon Gateway.

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