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After installation the plugin adds a menu item to the Admin Dashboard sidebar. 


  • In the options you can see the part responsible for setting up the plugin
    • Google Analytics ID - paste the Google Analytics ID obtained from your Google Analytics Account
    • Snippet Already On Site - if you already have a tracking script installed on your site, then instead of pasting the ID, check this checkbox
  • Use Server Side Tracking
    • By default plugin utilizes the tracking on the client side using the JS, but recently we've introduced the new solution using the Google Measurement Protocol API
      which works on the server-side (PHP only) 


  • Google Analytics Brand Name - this setting allows to add the brand name to all of the products being sold on the site
  • Google Analytics Object Name - this setting allows to rename the JS object created by the Google Analytics library it generally shouldn't be changed, unless there are some JS errors

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