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Color Cloud

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 Shows a Color cloud of Blog Categories or Tags.


Navigate to  Admin Panel -> Appearance -> Widgets.

Select   Blog Color Cloud and drag to some Widget Area - choose where the widget will appear on the page from the options provided.

The Widget box will appear in selected area. Make the appropriate changes.

  • Title - Enter a title in the box provided.
  • The maximum number of items - Choose the maximum number of terms or categories you want to appear. As more as you have the longer the widget content will be.
  • Text color - Enter a text color in the box provided. Color must be in hex values.
  • Enter colors for Color Cloud widget - Enter text for four possible colors for the tags in the boxes provided. Color must be in hex values.
  • Item hover color - Enter text for the hover color in the box provided. Color must be in hex values. 
  • Tag size should be - Choose a circle to pick the tag size. If not random size will be relative to the number of occurrences.
  • Cloud items - Choose the cloud items by tag or category.
  • Show occurrences - Click the box provided to show the number of occurrences for each tag or category.
  • Save - Click on the blue Save button to save changes.

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