CM Fast Search Filter - Targeting Existing Pages

Add fast search rules to tables and lists created by other plugins

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Under  options→Rules, add a new rule by inserting the class or id, and specify the page or URL where you want to insert the filter. The fast search bar will be added to the page automatically, allowing to filter items within lists and pages.

If your page or post already has a search field defined, you can apply the fast search filter on it by adding rules in the plugin options, as shown below:

CM Fast Live Search Filter - Manually Declaring Search Filters

As for example if a page which was generated by another plugin includes the following HTML code.


You can add a rule in the plugin options which will include the following parameters:

  • The first field includes the input field class name
  • The second includes the UL class name
  • The third indicates the page and you can also change the search background color and the placeholder text

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