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User Role Manager

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Note: this feature was introduced in version 1.7.2 of the WordPress Two Factor Authentication plugin.

The plugin allows to create, edit, duplicate and delete user roles on your WordPress site. You can edit only basic WordPress user role capabilities with a simple and user-friendly interface. The plugin doesn't allow to edit custom user capabilities provided by third-party plugins.


Learn more about Roles and Capabilities in WordPress.

Managing User Roles

To find the user role manager tool, navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Secure Login Pro → Role Manager.

Navigation to the role manager - How to Enable 2FA On WordPress
Navigation to the role manager

There you will find a table with all existing user roles on your site.

The button Add New Role above the table allows you to create a new user role.

Each user role has a list of actions available for managing them:

  • View - Clicking on it allows you to see the list of enabled basic capabilities for that user role. Available for the Administrator user role only.
  • Edit - Clicking on it allows to edit user role capabilities. Not available for the Administrator user role only.
  • Duplicate - Clicking on it creates a copy of a chosen user role. 
  • Delete - Clicking on it allows to delete any user role except Administrator.
Role manager - WordPress 2FA
Role manager

For each user role you can see its type (Built-In or Custom), the amount of enabled capabilities (for example - 35 / 165) and the amount of users for each role.

Clicking on any number in the column Total Users will open a new tab with the list of users of a certain category:

Checking users of a certain user role - WordPress Two Factor Authentication Plugin
Checking users of a certain user role

Creating New User Role

Clicking on the Add New Role button opens a form where you can:

  1. Enter required Role Display Name
  2. Enter required Role Name
  3. Select all available user capabilities at one
  4. Unselect all available user capabilities at one
  5. Manually choose needed user capabilities or groups of capabilities.

Creating new user role - WP 2FA Plugin
Creating new user role

Click the button Select All to check all capabilities at once, and click Select None to uncheck them.

Editing user role capabilities in bulk - WordPress Login SMS Verification
Editing user role capabilities in bulk

Select Specific Capabilities

All capabilities are sorted into relevant sections. You can select or unselect all capabilities in the section by clicking on the checkbox next to the section name. You can also select or unselect each specific capability.

Selecting specific capabilities - 2 Factor Authentication for WordPress
Selecting specific capabilities

Finishing Creating a User Role

To finish creating a new user role, click the button Add New Role below the list of capabilities.

Creating a user role - WordPress Two Step Authentication
Creating a user role

Edit / Duplicate / Delete User Roles

When the user role is created, you can Edit, Duplicate or Delete it, using the button in the Action column.

Managing user roles - WordPress Enable 2FA
Managing user roles

Edit User Role

The editing page looks almost the same as for creating a new user. The difference is that you can't edit the Role Name. All other actions are the same - you select or unselect needed user capabilities, and then click the button Update Role to save the changes.

Editing existing user role - How to Enable 2FA On WordPress
Editing existing user role

Duplicate User Role

When you click Duplicate, it creates a copy of a chosen user role with all selected capabilities. To finish the duplicating process, you need to click the Add New Role button, or edit user role name or capabilities before it.

Duplicating user role - WordPress 2FA
Duplicating user role

Delete User Role

Clicking on Delete will show you the confirmation message. To confirm the deletion, click the button OK.

Deleting user role - WordPress Two Factor Authentication Plugin
Deleting user role

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