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WCAG 2.0 Support

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Our plugin WordPress Glossary plugin is trying to follow the accessibility standards provided by WCAG 2.0.

Users are able to check highlighted glossary terms using the keyboard - navigate between terms using the button TAB and visit the marked term page using the button ENTER.

Keyboard navigation between the glossary terms - Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin
Keyboard navigation between the glossary terms

It is realized by adding ARIA attributes to glossary terms which help screen readers to get the context.

Here's an example of test results of the page with glossary terms which we received using the service WAVE.

ARIA attributes in glossary terms - Glossary Plugin WordPress
ARIA attributes in glossary terms


We would be grateful, if you have any suggestions as for accessibility improvements for our plugin.

Please, let us know, if you have any ideas. We are open to your feedback.

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