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How to Disable Links to Glossary Terms

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Note: Features described in this guide are available in only paid versions of the WordPress Glossary plugin - Pro, Pro+ and eCommerce.

It is possible to disable links to glossary terms. There are a few ways to do this. Let's consider them all one by one.

Disable Creating Term Pages

First of all - you can disable creating term pages at all. To do this, navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → General Settings tab.

General settings - Tooltip WordPress Plugin
General settings

Find and disable the option Create Glossary Term Pages. After disabling this option, all of the links to the Glossary Term pages will be removed.

Enabling glossary term pages - Wiki Plugin for WordPress
Enabling glossary term pages

Don't forget to click the button Save Changes.

Saving the changes - Wiki for WordPress
Saving the changes

Remove Links To Glossary Term Pages

Another way - remove links to glossary term pages. It means that the links to glossary terms will not be displayed on posts and pages. To do this, head to the tab Glossary Term.

Glossary term settings - Wiki WordPress Plugin
Glossary term settings

Find and enable the option Remove link to the glossary term page. Then click the button Save Changes.

Removing links to glossary term pages - WordPress as a Wiki
Removing links to glossary term pages

Disable Displaying Links On Specific Posts/Pages

Last way is to disable links on the specific post or page. Just start editing needed post or page and find the metabox CM Tooltip - Disables. Check the option Don't show links to glossary terms on this post/page.

Overriding global settings - WordPress Internal Linking Plugin
Overriding global settings

Then click the button Update.

Saving the changes - WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin
Saving the changes

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