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How to export and import quizzes 

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Note: this feature was introduced in version 1.2.0.

The WordPress Quiz Plugin supports the option to export and import all quizzes with questions from one site to another one. It can also be useful if you need to make a backup of your quizzes.

To do this, navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Quiz Manager Pro → Import/Export CSV files.

Navigation to the import and export page - Quiz Plugin WordPress
Navigation to the import and export page

There you will find just a couple of options, so the process is really simple.

Export CSV File

Click the button Export CSV file to download the CSV-file with all quizzes and questions.

Exporting quizzes to CSV file - Questionnaire Plugin WordPress
Exporting quizzes to CSV file

Import CSV File

To Import the CSV file, click on the button Choose File and select needed file, then click the button Import CSV file. You can also drag-and-drop the file to the button Choose File.

Importing quizzes from CSV file - WordPress Test Plugin
Importing quizzes from CSV file

After that you will see the message that the questions were successfully added to the database.

Message about successful import - Create Quiz WordPress
Message about successful import

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