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Stuck Cron Events

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Cron is a system process that runs repetetive tasks to execute. Some of our plugins use cron for fetching feeds, for example these plugins:

Sometimes the fetching feeds stops, as some other cron events get stuck and prevent other processes from executing. These stuck processes in a queue are marked as now and their statuses don't change. It can look like this:


Learn more about cron: What is WP-Cron

How To Fix This?

You will need to install a third-party plugin to manage cron processes, for example - the plugin WP Crontrol.

When the plugin is activated, navigate to Admin Dashboard → Tools → Cron Events.

Here you can view and manage all cron events on your WP-site.

We need to delete those events that prevent other processes to execute. But sometimes it's not enough just to delete them, as they can be recurrent and appear again after deleting. So, first we need to edit needed event. Hover on the needed cron event and click Edit.

On the editing page, find the option Recurrence and in the dropdown choose Non-repeating, then click Update Event.

Now this process will not be re-scheduled after deleting:

So, hover on this process and click Delete.

You can do the same with all stuck cron events. After deleting them, all other processes should start work normally.


After managing the cron events, you can disable the plugin WP Crontrol to reduce the load on site performance.

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