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GamiPress Integration

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Note: This feature was introduced in version 4.6.3.

CM Answers plugin integrates with the GamiPress plugin. GamiPress allows you to award your site visitors for different actions. GamiPress can automatically award users for actions on your CM Answers forum.

The integration doesn't demand enabling any option - the actions are automatically added to GamiPress actions, so you just need to configure them.

To configure these actions, navigate to Admin Dashboard → GamiPress → Points Types and click Add New to create a new Points type or edit the existing one.

If you create a new Points type, give it Singular and Plural names in the Points Type Data section.

Then go the next two sections Automatic Points Awards and Automatic Points Deducts

  • Automatic Points Awards - This section defines the actions for which users will get points.
  • Automatic Points Deducts - This section defines the actions for which users will lose points.

Both sections work the same, so we will consider their work on the example of Automatic Points Awards.

  1. Click the button Add New Points Award.
  2. In the dropdown When find the section CM Answers and choose one of three available actions:
    1. Marked as best Answers.
    2. Asking the question.
    3. Answer the question.
  3. When you choose the action, next to the dropdown will appear a few new options - you can define, how many times per definite period of time the points can be awarded.
  4. On the next line you can define the amount of points of award and a maximum number of times these points can be awarded.
  5. The last field Label is needed to give a name for this action:
  6. Before publishing/updating the Points type, you should first click the button Save All Points Awards to save all created actions.

The same way we can create some more rules for getting or losing points for definite actions:

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