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Note: this feature was introduced in version 1.8.3.


Pagination in Expert Directory is enabled by default. It's needed to to not slow down the work of your site if the list of experts is too huge. How many experts are displayed on any page depends on the plugin settings. To configure it navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Expert Directory Pro → Settings → Expert Directory → Expert Index Header section. You can define number of experts in the option Number of experts on page.

In some cases it can be useful to disable or enable pagination. You can do this using an attribute show_pagination for the shortcode [cmed_expert]. Set its value to 0 if you want to disable pagination for expert list (will be shown 100 experts maximum). Default value is 1.
  • Enable: [cmed_expert show_pagination="1"]
  • Disable: [cmed_expert show_pagination="0"]


The plugin supports placing more than copies of Expert Directory Shortcode [cmed_expert] on the post/page. It can be useful in some cases.
You need to display the list of experts that belong to the definite taxonomy: [cmed_expert expertise="financial-expertise"]
And under or above it display a list of all existings experts: [cmed_expert]
How it looks like on the Back-end:
The problem is that pagination for of these lists are common. It can cause the situation when going further page by page in the whole expert list will stop displaying experts in customized list, as there are less of experts and they will finish earlier or later.
Example on the Front-end:
To solve this problem you can use an attribute show_pagination.
So, the shortcode will be: [cmed_expert expertise="financial-expertise" show_pagination="0"]
How it looks like on the Back-end:
As a result, your users will be able to navigate between pages of the whole expert list and be available to see the list of experts that belong to the definite taxonomy all the time.
Example on the Front-end:

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