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How To – Display latest posts from RSS Feed.

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Starting since the plugin version 1.5.7 you can display latest posts that were fetched from RSS Feed anywhere on your site. You can configure displaying by a few parameters, like what category of RSS should be displayed, how many posts and some more. The posts will be displayed in descending order - from newer to older. There are two ways how to do this - using widget or a shortcode.

Imported Posts Widget

To display latest posts using widget navigate to Admin Dashboard → Appearance → Widgets.

Find in the list widget called Imported Posts, choose a place where to add it and click Add Widget.

Then you need to configure the widget. It has the following fields:

  • Title - Write here the title that will be displayed on the front-end.
  • Post Type - Choose post type.
  • Taxonomy - Choose taxonomy.
  • Term - Choose here a category of RSS Feed that you want to display.
  • Show Image - Check this box if you want to display featured image.
  • Post Count - Set here the amount of displayed posts.

Example on the Front-end

Shortcode [cmri_imported_posts]

You can display latest posts anywhere on your site using this shortcode: [cmri_imported_posts]

Shortcode has the following parameters that are the same as for widget:

  • post_type - Set here the slug of a post type. By default it's "post".
  • taxonomy - Set here the slug of a taxonomy. By default it's "category". 
  • terms - Set here the slug of category the RSS Feed belongs to. Doesn't have any value by default.
  • posts_count - Set how many posts should be displayed. By default it's "5".
  • show_image - Set "true" to display featured image. By default it's "false".

Example of the shortcode

The following shortcode should display 3 latest RSS posts with images that belong to the category "rock".

Result on the Front-end:

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