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Comments Allowed Domains

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Note: this guide covers features that were introduced in version 1.5.5.

This feature allows you to filter comments from guest users and allow leaving comments only for users with emails that are  allowed by your domains list.

To configure this feature navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM E-Mail Registration Blacklist → CM E-Mail Registration Blacklist.

Head to the Comments Allowed Domains tab.

Comments allowed domains control

  • Use allowed domains for comments filtration - Enable this option to use allowed domains for comments filtration.
  • Domain is not allowed to left a comment - You can change the message that the guest will see, if he is not allowed to left a comment.

Domains that are allowed to leave comments

  • Add new domain or domain extension - Enter here domains that you want to be allowed to leave comments.

You can use full domain names  (e.g. or wildcards (e.g. * You can also use domain extension names with wildcards (e.g. *.com).

Note: this feature doesn't affect leaving comments for registered users. If the user is registered on the site, it doesn't matter if he is logged-in or not. If he is logged-in, his comments will be published, and if he is not logged-in and tries to leave a comment using his email (that was used for registration on the site) - the comment will be published.

How the blocked comment looks like on the Front-end:

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