CM Table of Contents (CMTOC) - TOC - Override TOC Selector for a Specific Post

Override TOC Selector for a Specific Post

  • To change the default settings for the selectors on a specific post first select the option Use custom selectors on this post.

  • Next change the values for each level by specifying the tag / class and id. This setting will override the default settings defined in the plugin Settings.

How to Determine the Tag and Class to

  • Navigate to the Edit page and look at the code of the post.

  • Choose a heading that you want to make accessible at the top of your Table of Contents.
  • Make the class code the same as the class code you previously defined for that level. (The heading number and then list the class and id you want to use).
  • The selector for the example above would be:
    • Tag: h2
    • Class: heading2

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