WordPress Glossary Plugin (CMTG) - Troubleshooting - Option "Highlight first term occurrence only?" Removes All Links

Troubleshooting - Option "Highlight first term occurrence only?" Removes All Links

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What Is The Error and Likely Causes

Enabling the option "Highlight first term occurrence only?" removes all links from your site.

The cause is likely a conflict with another plugin. It happens when a plugin or theme uses the the_content hook more than once, which disrupts the WordPress Glossary plugin parsing.

What To Do

  1. Isolate the option - Disable only the option "Highlight first term occurrence only?" and ensure all links are working as intended.
  2. Isolate the theme - Change the theme and test the option
  3. Isolate Tooltip Glossary - Disable all plugins other than WordPress Glossary plugin you can. If it works now, it's highly likely there was a conflict
  4. Isolate the conflict - Enable the other plugins one by one and repeat the test

If the plugin/theme generating the conflict is necessary to your site, open a support ticket so we can review how we can help you. 

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