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Unblocking Accounts

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Doesn't Work on Deleted Accounts

You can only unblock accounts that the plugin restricted. It's not possible to unblock deleted accounts, since the data was trashed.

At any time you can unblock accounts that were restricted.

To do so, find the user in WP Admin Dashboard → Users → All Users. Then, choose to Edit their profile.

In the user profile page, there are many sections. Head to the  CM Restrict User Account Access section and set Restrict user by date to No.

Save by clicking Update User. Now, the field should look like this, without any date information:

TIP: You can see user's restriction Dates in the menu

You can see the restriction dates that you defined for every user in the All Users menu in the column Restrict Date. Note: this feature was introduced in version 1.1.2.

More information about the   CM Restrict User Account Access

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