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Setting a Price to a Course

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How Pricing Works

When courses are paid, users have to buy them before being registered. The price range (cheaper and most expensive period) will be shown on the left

The Buy button is available on each period.

And clicking it will direct them to the checkout page.

How It Works: Technical Aspect

Every course can be associated with an EDD product.

Setting variable pricing to an EDD product allows you to offer unique prices for different periods of a course.

Setting Prices

You can set prices for a course while creating or editing it.

1. Free vs. Paid Course

First of all, make sure the course is not free. You can do so by unchecking the option under the Free Course metabox in the right menu.

2. Associate EDD Download

Head to the EDD Download metabox. If you already have EDD products, you will be able to select them (a) and edit them (b).

If not, you can input a price and create a new download (c).

Learn more about editing EDD products: Creating Products - Easy Digital Downloads

It's necessary now to update the course.


This completes the process if all periods of the course have the same price. Now, every period will have that price associated to it.

3. Create Different Prices For Each Period (Optional)

If you want each period to have a unique price, edit the EDD download. Inside the Download Prices metabox, be sure to enable variable pricing.

Then, create different options. Their names and prices are important.

4. Choose Price for Each Period

Now, for each period you will be able to set a price from the variable pricing options.

5. Multiple Prices for Each Period

Since the version 1.0.7 it is possible to set multiple prices for each period.

There will be apart buy-button for each option. To make it more clear, you can change the label for this button, so users could see the name and price of each option. To do this navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Course Catalog Pro → Settings → Labels tab. Under the Payments section find the "Buy" label and change it using the following variables:

  • %price_name% - It will be replaced by the name of price that is set in the product.
  • %price_amount% - It will be replaced by the price.

How it looks like on the front-end:

Setting Price When Course Can't Be Paid Online

It's possible to show a course price even if it's not open for registration. One use case would be courses that have to be paid in person.


  • Make sure the course is not free
  • Make sure the course has EDD product attached to it
  • Under Course Information, add a value or a range. (For instance, $60 - $100).
  • Whatever is in this field will be shown in the Front-End. 
  • You can also show the content of this field in other places of the course page (for instance, description) by using the shortcode [cmcc_course_price].


"Unavailable" button

Issue: In the course page, the user sees a period as unavailable and cannot register.

Cause: The period is paid, but there is no price associated to it

Solution: Either

  • Associate the period to a price
  • Mark the course as free

Learn more: Course Catalog Payments - General Settings

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