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Setting a Price to a Course

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Note: the payment functional was renewed, so the features covered in this guide require using the following versions of the base plugin and add-on:

How Pricing Works

When courses are paid, users have to buy them before being registered. The price range (cheaper and most expensive period) will be shown in the course info box.

The Buy button is available for each period. Each period can have a group of prices and it is possible to set the limit for the tickets amount.

When the user chooses the amount of needed tickets of the definite price type and clicks Buy, it will direct him to the checkout page.

How It Works: Technical Aspect

Every course is associated with an EDD product. Setting variable pricing to an EDD product allows you to offer unique prices for different periods of a course.

The product with the group of prices is created automatically for each course: 

Important: The prices must be edited only on the course editing page.

Setting Prices

You can set prices for a course while creating or editing it.

To edit the prices, scroll down to the section Course Periods.The prices are set in the column Price. Click the button Set Prices.

There you can add a few prices. To create a price, click the button Add price. There you need to fill two fields: Price name and Price amount.

Any price can be deleted by clickinig the button Remove.

TIP 1: Price Name

If you have lots of similar names of prices, it is not necessary to write them from scratch every time. You can just choose already created name in the dropdown list.

TIP 2: Free Course

If you want to make some course free, then just set the price to "0".  

When you've added the prices, click the button Apply. You can see there the price list for each period.

In the same way you can configure the prices for each period. 

Amount of Tickets

You can also define the amount of tickets that can be sold for the period. It can be done in the field Number of tickets in each course period.

To make the amount of tickets in periods of the course, set the value to "0".

After configuring the prices and amount of available tickets, don't forget to save the changes by clicking the button Update / Publish.

Learn more about the front-end side of the payment process in this guide: Course Catalog Payments - Checkout


"Unavailable" button

Issue: In the course page, the user sees a period as unavailable and cannot register.


  1. All tickets for this period are sold.
  2. The period is paid, but there is no price associated to it

Solution for the issue #2: Either

  • Associate the period to a price
  • Mark the course as free

Learn more: Course Catalog Payments - General Settings

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