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Integration With BuddyPress

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Starting from version 2.5.6, the WordPress Review plugin can integrate with the social media creator BuddyPress.

What is This Feature?

The integration allows you to:

  1. Add a "My Reviews" tab to users' BuddyPress profile:

    'My Reviews' tab in BuddyPress profile - WordPress Rating System
    'My Reviews' tab in BuddyPress profile
  2. Show reviews as updates on users' activity feed/wall:

    Display reviews in the feed - Customer Reviews Plugin
    Display reviews in the feed


All settings can be found under CM Reviews → Settings → BuddyPress tab.

Navigation to the BuddyPress integration settings - WordPress Plugin Star Rating for Reviews
Navigation to the BuddyPress integration settings

You can configure:

BuddyPress integration settings - WordPress Testimonials Manager Plugin
BuddyPress integration settings
User's Reviews Tab
  • Show "My Reviews" tab in the user's profile - Enable or disable feature.
  • "My Reviews" text - Default is "My Reviews".
Activity Feed Tab
  • Create BuddyPress activity when user posted a review - Enable or disable feature.
  • Activity post template for new review - The actual post that will be added to the user's feed. You can add HTML and the placeholders:
    • [title] - review title.
    • [content] - review content.
    • [post_title] - name of the post.
    • [content] - URL of the post.

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