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Registration Temporary Login Add-on

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To use this add-on, you must have the Pro edition of CM Registration installed and activated.

What Can You Achieve With the Add-on

The  Registration Temporary Login Add-on lets users access parts of your website temporarily without the need of a password.

Each code is assigned to an email, making it easy to track every usage. Codes have a set duration, which starts running when they are created (not used).

Examples of use:

  • External Support - Create a temporary admin account for specialists performing one-time maintenance on your site
  • Contributors - Set one-time access for writers or editors that only need to post a single piece of content on your website

General Settings

Head to CM Registration → Settings → Temporary Logins.

Temporary Logins

  • Default Role - When creating a temporary login, this will be the default role
  • Default Duration Time -  When creating a temporary login, this will be the default duration. Choose between
    • One hour
    • Three hours
    • One day
    • Three Days
    • One Week
    • One Month

Email Template

Define the message the users will receive. 

  • Subject - Accepts the shortcode  [blogname]
  • Content - Accepts the shortcode  [temporaryloginurl]

Managing and Creating Temporary Logins

Head to  CM Registration → Temporary Logins.

Managing Temporary Logins

This screen shows all active temporary logins.

For each code, you can check the assigned user, role, last login, count (times logged-in) and duration. 

Also, there are shortcuts to help managing the code.

Creating Temporary Login

Click on Create New to generate a code. You must input the user's email, and you can apply the default role and duration or choose different ones.

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