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This add-on requires the Google Maps Locations and Store Locator Plugin to be installed and updated.

CM Map Locations Business Hours Add-on

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Business Hours is an add-on to the CM Map Locations plugin.

The add-on allows you to include unique business hours for each location. The user can also see the "Open Now" message when it applies.

Use Examples

  • Restaurant Listing - Include the opening hours of venues, restaurants, and bars in your area
  • Public Service Directory - Inform visitors about the opening time of public service offices
  • Landmark Guide - Help your visitors plan their touristic trip by showing them when the most important spots are open

Using Business Hours - General Settings

To enable the add-on and configure all core and default settings, head to Admin Panel → CM Map Locations Pro → Settings → Business Hours tab.

  • Enable business hours - "Yes" displays business hours on all business and adds the business hour selector when editing them
  • Business hours label - What text will be displayed in the Front-end
  • Business hours field type - Choose between
    • Text - Input any value in the hours field (e.g. "8AM", '19h")
    • Timepicker - Choose the time from a dropdown
  • Business hours for locations -
    • Text label - Change the label of the days of the week, starting from Monday
    • From / To - Define the opening and closing hours. This can be changed individually when editing a location
  • "Open Now" label - What text will be displayed in the Front-end

Permission to change open/close 

  • Allows the user to switch between open/close status even when the business should be closed
  • Dashboard Labels - You can modify these three labels, which appear to users editing a location
    • "Business Hours"
    • "Set Opened" 
    • "Set Default"

Using Business Hours - Individual Settings

When editing a location, you will see the additional setting Business Hours.

It's filled automatically with the times set in the general settings and can be modified freely

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