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Integrating With MicroPayments

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What is This Feature

Starting from version 2.1.4, it's possible to integrate CM User Submitted Posts with the CM MicroPayments plugin. This allows you to charge users points from their virtual wallets to post.

Before You Start

Click here to learn about how to set up the CM Micropayment general plugin settings before adjusting the Micropayment settings within CM User Submitted Posts!

How Does MicroPayment Integrate With CM User Submitted Posts?

After installing CM Micropayment, every registered user is given his/her own wallet. Then, after the quick setup of the external Payment Gateway and the currency, users can buy the virtual currency on your site and use it as if it was a prepaid credit card. They will use points from this virtual wallet to pay for posting.


When publishing an article, they will be informed about the price with a message that also includes a link to their wallet.

Not enought points

If they don't have enough points, they will be prompted to buy more points

More than enough points

If they do have enough virtual money, the article will be posted and the amount, withdrawn for their wallet.

Enabling And Configuring Micropayment on CM User Submitted Posts

To configure the integration, head to Admin Dashboard → User Submitted Posts → Settings → Payments tab.

  • Action on publish post - Choose charge to effectively enable the integration. Choosing disable won't charge users points.
  • Number of points to charge - How many points will be deducted from their wallet upon posting.


It's possible to customize and translate the messages shown to the user on the Front-End. To do so, head to Admin Dashboard → User Submitted Posts → Settings → Labels tab. From there, check the new MicroPayments section.

  • Wallet deduction message - Shown before the user tries publishing the post.
  • Wallet insufficient message - Shown when the user tries posting but doesn't have enough points.
  • Wallect deduction success message - Shown when the user tries posting and has enough points.

Notes: in all three messages you can use HTML tags and these two symbols:

  • %d → turns into the cost (for instance, "99").
  • %s → turns into the wallet link (for instance, "").
    Use it inside an anchor tag to create a link - for instance, "<a href="%s>Your wallet</a>"

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