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Adding the "Back to the Top" Button

Starting from version 1.2.6, the Table of Contents plugin allows the admin to add a "Back to the Top" button for easier navigation.

What is This Feature

The Back to the Top button is a handy persistent shortcut that quickly takes the user to the top of the page. The plugins allows you to set it as an arrow or as a text, as shown in these two examples:


All relevant settings are located in Admin Dashboard → Table of Contents → Settings → Table of Content → Table of Contents - Back to the Top Button.

  • Show button - Enables this feature.
  • Buttons takes users to - Choose between:
    • Top of the Page.
    • Table of Contents.
  • Background Color / Border Styling - Styling options.
  • Distance from the right / bottom border of the window - Measured in pixels.
  • Text
    • No Text - Leaving this field empty will turn the button in an arrow. You can then choose the arrow size (in pixels) and color.
    • With Text - Adding any text will display settings specific to text.

More information about the Table of Contents WordPress  Plugin

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