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Expert Directory Integration

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It's possible to integrate CM Answers with the CM Expert Directory plugin.

This allows you to associate WordPress user profiles to expert profiles from Expert Directory and synchronize categories.

What Is Expert Directory?

The CM Expert Directory is a plugin that helps you build a specialized experts profile directory with detailed information about each member.

Learn more: Expert Directory Product Page | Expert Directory Documentation

How to Integrate Expert Directory With CM Answers?

Navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Answers Pro → Settings → General tab → Other section. If both plugins are installed and activated you will see two new options:

Category Sync

Category sync with CM Expert Directory plugin - If enabled, when the admin creates a new category under CM Answers, the same category will be automatically created in the CM Expert Directory plugin. Note: this option was introduced in version 4.2.9.

Experts Sync

Experts sync with CM Expert Directory plugin - If enabled, then user profiles in CM Answers will be replaced by experts from the CM Expert Directory plugin. So, instead of name and picture from user profile, there will be displayed the name and info from the expert profile. If the there's no relevant expert for a user, then there will be displayed info from the user profile on the front-end. Note: this option was introduced in version 4.6.3.

This feature also demands the CM Expert Directory Community add-on to be installed and activated. Every user must be associated only with one expert. To do this, navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Expert Directory Pro → Settings → Community Expert tab → General Settings section. Enable the option Only one expert per user.

Expert page in CM Expert Directory:

Integrated expert in CM Answers:

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