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Starting from version 3.7 of the WordPress Glossary plugin, there is an option dedicated to improving compatibility with page builders. If this option is enabled, the tooltip content will not be passed directly to JS with the HTML attribute.

But in several cases (eg. content loaded with AJAX calls) it causes a bug that tooltips display the random sequence of numbers/characters (hash) instead of the intended tooltip content.

Since this is meant to just be a debugging option, it has been disabled by default since version 3.7.3. And it's only advised to be used on sites using  page builders.


1) Turn off the option (recommended) 

If you're not using page builders on your site, this is the easiest solution.

Head to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → General Settings tab → Performance & Debug section. Then, uncheck the option Move tooltip contents to footer:

Disabling the option 'Move tooltip contents to footer' - Tooltip WordPress Plugin
Disabling the option 'Move tooltip contents to footer'

2) Check dependencies

In case:

  1. You are using page builders.
  2. The tooltips are not working at all if this option is disabled (unchecked).
  3. Your content is not loaded with AJAX.

Then you need to enable the option Load the scripts in footer.

Enabling the option 'Load the scripts in footer' - Wiki Plugin for WordPress
Enabling the option 'Load the scripts in footer'

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