CM Tooltip Glossary Stats (CMTTST) - Displaying Logs for different Event Types

Displaying different Event Types

The Site admin is able to display Statistics for different types of events that occur involving the glossary tooltips on the front-end of the site. This can help the admin inform themselves of the effectiveness of their Tooltips and to improve them. Some will use tooltips to help condense a page and reduce clutter. Knowing which tooltips garner the most attention can help you base future site content decisions on more well founded information.

Navigate to CM Tooltip Glossary Pro → Logs. Here the table of events will be displayed. By default it shows All events.

Beside the filter option above the table labeled Event type select the Event type that you would like to view.

The options are:

  • Term Clicked: Logs when glossary terms within site content are clicked, leading the user to the term index page.
  • Related Clicked: Logs when related terms are clicked. Terms that don't have their own page on the glossary index but are listed as related and display tooltips within site content.
  • Link in tooltip clicked: When links within the tooltip popups that display are clicked this log entries are made. This will display these events.
  • Tooltip displayed: Show log entries for tooltip popups appearing when the user hovers over glossary terms within site content.

With the Event type that you wish to filter out selected click the Filter.

The same works for the Graph view.

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