Integrating Product Directory and Business Directory - Assigning Products to a Business

Assigning Products to a Business

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CM Product Directory can be integrated with CM Business Directory. This requires both plugins to be installed and activated.

Displaying Related Products In Businesses' Pages

Firstly, make sure that assigned products are shown in the business page. To enable this, head to Admin Dashboard → CM Business Directory → Settings → Business Page → Show related products. Choose Yes.

Assigning Products To a Business

To associate products to certain businesses, go to the Edit business page. Then, head down to the Related Products meta box, as highlighted:

Select as many products as needed. You can choose multiple items by holding the left mouse button or the shift keyboard key.

Appearance In the Front-End

Below you will find an example of a business page with related products.


You can edit the "Related products" shown above. This is available in Admin Dashboard → CM Business Directory → Settings → Labels.

Then, under the Business page header, you will find the "Related products" label. Editing this field will modify the text that appears in the Front-End.

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More information about the  CM Business Directory WordPress Plugin

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