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The  CM Download Manager Payments Add-on adds a series of labels to CM Download Manager. Customizing these labels in the back-end will change the text shown in the front-end.

To access this, navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Downloads SettingsLabels tab. You will find the Payments label at the end of the page. 


The following table contains each label name, use, and default value.

Back-end label Front-end use Default text
"upload_form_price" Price field title on the upload form. Price for download 
"upload_form_price_desc" Price field description on the upload form. Enter a price that user have to pay to be able to download this file.
"download_form_purchase_btn" (NOTE*) Text contained inside the purchase button. Buy for $%s
"download_form_purchase_please_login" Text on the download form stating that the user has to login to be able to buy it. Please login to buy this download.
"download_form_purchase_loader"  Loader text after user clicks the purchase button. Please wait...
"download_edit_product"  Edit product visible on the upload form. Edit product 
"download_edit_product_title" Edit product title tooltip. Edit product related to this price
"download_receipt_backlink" Text for the link that directs to the previous page. Return to the previous page

*Note on the purchase button label: Here you can customize the currency if needed. The code %s will be substituted for the actual price.

Back-end Screenshot

More information about the CM Download Manager Payments Add-on

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