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Invalidating Feeds

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The Appointments iCal Sync Integration Add-on allows you to invalidate iCalendar feed links. 

Invalidating vs. Disabling

Invalidating a feed is different from disabling it. 

When a feed is disabled, the calendar can't be accessed anymore by other applications. Any information that they imported from it will remain in there, but the calendar will not be updated. By enabling the feed again, the application will return to retrieve the data normally. If the feed were a shop, for instance, it would have been closed.

An invalidated feed, on the other hand, is still open but receives a new link. The applications will also lose access to the calendar and its updates. In order to grant access to it, it's necessary to input the new links into the applications. If the feed were a shop, it would have changed address.

How to Invalidate a Feed

Follow the path CM Appointments Booking Pro → Options → iCalendar Feed tab. Click the "invalidate" link.

You will receive the following prompt:

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