CM HTTPS SSL (CMHTTPS) - What is and How to Obtain an SSL Certificate

Obtaining an SSL Certificate

Note About the Plugin

The CM HTTPS SSL WordPress plugin does not provide users with an SSL Certificate. These are offered by hosting providers, as we explain below.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a method used to secure private data like credit cards, usernames, and passwords that are transferred over the Internet. When a website is secured with SSL or its successor, TLS (Transport Layer Security),  it enables  HTTPS in their URL address. HTTPS can be understood as HTTP Secure.

To enable HTTPS on your website, you will need to first obtain an SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) and install it.

More and more hosting providers are now providing SSL certificates to their customers free of charge and there are also many free and low-cost SSL providers out there.

How do I Install an SSL Certificate?

Upon gaining your SSL certificate you will need to install it. There are different ways to install an SSL certificate. As mentioned above, some hosting providers will offer free or paid SSL certificates, in which case the SSL can be installed through a few button clicks on the Admin Panel.

For hosting companies that don't offer SSL certificate services, the process will have to be done manually, either via SSH or, if you don't have SSH access, then most likely with the help of your Hosting service provider.

CreativeMinds Recommends

We recommend  https://letsencrypt.org/, who offers free SSL certificates and some easy to follow instructions on how to get it up and running on your site.

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