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Getting 404 error after clicking the Download button

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If you're getting 404 error after you click the Download button go through the following steps.

As a first step, make sure that your WordPress permalinks are set to post name.

I've got no technical skills or I don't have access to the server settings

Please contact your server administrator and ask him to solve the issue showing him this article.

I'm using Apache HTTP server

  • Make sure the mod_rewrite is available and enabled for the Apache HTTP server.
  • Check the virtualhost settings for your website: AllowOverride All directive should be present.
  • Check if your .httaccess file in your main WP directory is valid.

I'm using nginx HTTP server

In most cases it's the server's rewrite issue. The nginx HTTP server is configured by default to serve the static files directly without processing request by PHP (which is a good idea for a static storage servers). 

So when nginx is processing the CMDM download request it thinks that you want to download a static file since the CMDM download endpoint URL have an extension in the URL address eg. example.com/cmdownload/get/file/Report-2016.pdf. However that file doesn't exists in the server's file system so nginx reponses with the 404 HTTP error without processing request by PHP.

In this case nginx should allow to process that kinds of requests by PHP by calling the WordPress script where the WordPress File Manager plugin logic will be performed (checking priviliges and making browser download the file).

Make sure the rewrite rule for that kinds of requests has higher priority than the static files' rewrite rule that generates the 404 HTTP error response.

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