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Integration with Map Routes

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It's now possible to integrate Map Location and Map Routes and show information from both plugins together on the same map.

Method 1) Integrate All Maps Via Settings

Use this method if your site has only maps that integrate routes and locations

All settings are in the CM Maps Routes Manager plugin's options screen.

Head to Admin Dashboard → CM Maps Routes Manager Pro → Settings

Index Page (Learn More)

In the Index page tab, you can enable:

  • Show locations on the routes index map
  • Merge categories of routes and locations. If both route and locations have categories with the same slug, they will be merged in the map

The two options are under the Maps subsection

Route Page

In the Route page tab, you can turn on the integration too. This will display locations on the map of each route page.

Method 2) Showing Single Map With Shortcode

Use this method if your site has both:

  • maps that integrate routes and locations
  • maps that are separate for routes and for locations

To do this, use the shortcode  [cmmrm-cmloc-common-map]. It displays a common map with locations and routes from the  CM Map Routes Manager plugin.

Learn more about it:


  • Shortcode
  • Attributes:
    • path - set "1" if you want to display path or "0" if not.
    • categoryfilter - Show/Hide category filter above the map.
    • mapwidth - width of the map in pixels (decimal value without px string)
    • mapheight - the height of the map in pixels (decimal value without px string)
    • width - width of the entire widget in pixels (decimal value without px string)
  • Example
  • [cmmrm-cmloc-common-map path=0 categoryfilter=0 mapwidth=640 mapheight=640 width=640]
  • Sample

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