CM Map Locations (CMML) - Integration with Map Routes

Integration with Map Routes

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It's now possible to integrate Map Location and Map Routes and show information from both plugins together on the same map.

To do this, use the shortcode  [cmmrm-cmloc-common-map]. It displays a common map with locations and routes from the  CM Map Routes Manager plugin.

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  • Shortcode
  • Attributes:
    • path - set "1" if you want to display path or "0" if not.
    • categoryfilter - Show/Hide category filter above the map.
    • mapwidth - width of the map in pixels (decimal value without px string)
    • mapheight - height of the map in pixels (decimal value without px string)
    • width - width of the entire widget in pixels (decimal value without px string)
  • Example
  • [cmmrm-cmloc-common-map path=0 categoryfilter=0 mapwidth=640 mapheight=640 width=640]
  • Sample

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