Paged Post Slider (PPS) - Settings

Plugin Settings

After the plugin installation, you can go to the plugin settings by visiting the admin menu and clicking on CM Paged Post Slider.

Once clicked two tabs will appear. The first includes the plugin general settings.

General Settings

Load content without refreshing the page - If checked, content will be loaded with Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). In practice, this means that the content will be loaded without having to refresh the page.

Slider Navigation Position - Defines where the navigation part of the slide will appear. Options are top, bottom or both.

Slider Count - Defines where the count in the slider will appear. Options are top, bottom, do not display or both.

HTML before/ after slider - Supports adding a fixed code before and after the slider navigation in each post using the slider. Once used, the code will be displayed above or below the slider. This feature supports ad codes, such as Google AdSense.

Use Style Sheets - Apply the default style sheets which comes with the plugin to make the slider looks more fancy. The user can override the default style and apply his/her own.

Link to view full post -  Defines where the link to display the full article without the slides will appear. Options are above slider navigation, below slider navigation, do not display or both.

Loop slides - Supports creating an infinite loop to the slides.

Show clickable page numbers - Will display the label Pages X of Y for each slide once checked. 

Number of pages before/after - Determines how many pages will be shown in the navigation strips before and after current pages displayed. For example in case 2 are defined and current page is 5, navigation will include:


if 3 are defined: 


Scroll to top of the page after slide load? - When slides are long, checking this option make sure that after each slide loads the browser will scroll back to the top part of the slides.

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