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Integration with Video Lessons Manager

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The CM Download Manager can be integrated with the Video Lessons manager

This can show a combined view on the download page using the video lessons structure like in this screenshot:

This can support video courses which also include material for the student to download.

Including the Video Lessons in the Download Page

Once the video lessons pro is installed together with CM Download a new section will appear in the upload page allowing you to assign a video channel from the video lessons to the download page:

Once this page is assigned you can see the result as they appear on the first screenshot on this help page

Displaying the Statistics to the User

Once integrating with the Video Lessons you can display to the user the statistics on his views using the following shortcode:

  • Video Lessons integrated videos statistics - [cmdm-cmvl-stats channelname=download|video channelpermalink=download|video onlyrelated=1]

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