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Plugin Overview

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This MailerLite plugin for Easy Digital Downloads allows to add users who purchased one of your products found in EDD to your MailerLite mailing lists system. You may define per each EDD product which mailing list is associated with the product.

Table of Contents

  1. Connecting With EDD
  2. Turning On Checkout Signup
  3. Saving First Purchased Product Information Into Mailer Lite

Connecting With EDD

  1. Install and activate Easy Digital Downloads plugin.
  2. Install and activate the MailerLite Email Marketing for EED plugin.
  3. Go to Admin Panel/Downloads/Settings to open settings page and click on Extensions tab. 
  4. Then click the MailerLite section to adjust the MailerLite Email Marketing settings.
  5. The plugin requires the user to obtain an API key from MailerLite. This can be found in your MailerLite account under Integration.

  6. Add the API key into the Mailer Like API key field

Turning On Checkout Signup

In the same screen, you can enable the signup upon checkout, meaning buyers will be prompted to subscribe to a list during purchase.


Saving First Purchased Product Information Into Mailer Lite

Finally, every time a customer purchases products and subscribes, you can add the first product name as a field of that user.

How It Works

  • Customer buys one or more products
  • Customer subscribes to newsletter during checkout
  • In Mailer Lite, customer's custom field "Product" is populated with the name of the first product in their cart 

There is one setting to control this:

TIP: Creating Product Field

This feature requires the custom field Product (named exactly that) in Mailer Lite's subscribers list. Creating it is easy.

  1. Log in to Mailer Lite
  2. Head to Subscribers → Fields. Click Add new field.
  3. Name the field Product (must be exactly that)
    Set it as "Text"

In the custom fields list, it should look like this:

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