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Plugin Overview

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This MailerLite plugin for Easy Digital Downloads allows to add users who purchased one of your products found in EDD to your MailerLite mailing lists system. You may define per each EDD product which mailinglist are associated with the product.

Setting Up

  1. Install and activate Easy Digital Downloads plugin.
  2. Install and activate the MailerLite Email Marketing for EED plugin.
  3. Go to Admin Panel/Downloads/Settings to open settings page and click on Extensions tab. 
  4. Then click the MailerLite section to adjust the MailerLite Email Marketing settings.
  5. The plugin requires the user to obtain an API key from MailerLite. This can be found in your MailerLite account under Integration.

    1. Users can also check the boxes to have customers signup for the list during checkout and have the information sent to MailerLite. Once user information is sent it can also include the name of the first product the user has purchased, so you can do advanced filtering when creating a campaign in your MailerLite system.
    2.  Users will be able to choose from a drop down menu of the lists they want buyers to be able to subscribe to. Please notice that this setting is for the default list. You can still define per each specific download the related lists and override this default definition
    3. Users can also choose the text to be displayed next to the sign up option.
      once defining the label it will appear in your EDD checkout page as show in the image below.
    4. Users then click Save Changes to save all changes.

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