CM Product Directory Payments (CMPD Add-On) - Renewing a Product Listing

Renewing a Product Listing

The option for Renewing a Product Listing is designed to require from the product owners to pay for their products to remain in your Index.

Currently, the recurring payments are not supported, so each owner will get an e-mail reminder about the payment.


To set options for Renewing a Product Listing navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Product Directory → Settings.

Click on the Payments tab.

Here you can edit certain features, including those related to allow payments for renewing listings.

In this section, the admin can enable or disable requiring payments for listing renewals. If this feature is enabled, users must pay in order for their listing to remain visible to the public in the directory.

If this feature is enable, admin have to create a product in EDD to allow the payment. In this settings section, admin can add the name and price of the payment or select an existing product.

The admin can add the amount of time a listing is active before it must be renewed (defaults to 365 days).

Email Notification

There is also an option to notify products via email when renewal is required.

You can customize when this notification is sent in terms of some days (default to 7) before a listing expires and it's either completely or partially hidden.

Starting from version 1.1.0, you can also disable this email by unchecking the relevant box.

The admin can customize renewal notification email subject and content using placeholders like {product_name}, {purchase_link}, {activation_page}.

They can also customize the payment confirmation email subject and content using placeholders {product_name}, {code}, {activation_link}.

Product owners will have to click on the activation link sent in the e-mail in order to renew the listing after paying.

Renewing a Product

After making the payment, the user receives a link to re-activate the listing or a unique activation code to paste on the product activation page.

This email is similar to the one for Suggesting a Product. It includes a link to make a purchase. After clicking on the link users will be automatically redirected to the checkout (screenshot below).

The emails corresponding to payment requests and activation can be edited in the Renew a Listing Settings.

This payment keeps a product listing from expiring if this option is enabled in the Payments settings.

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