CM Product Directory Payments (CMPD Add-On) - Pay Per View

Pay Per View

Navigate to the  Admin Dashboard → CM Product Directory → Settings.

Click on the  Payments tab.

In the Pay-per-view section, the admin can enable Pay-per-view mode. It means that user has to pay for a plan to view single products (eg. for 10 views in 5 days).

Turn on the Pay-per-view - Select this option if you wish to require viewers to pay for displaying the single business payments.

Click on Add New Plan and define values for pay-per-view mode.

  • Easy Digital Downloads / WooCommerce Product Association - Select an existing EDD / WooCommerce Product which will be required to use the "Pay-per-view" functionality. Or choose the name and price and click "Create New EDD / WooCommerce Product" to automatically create and assign a new Product.
  • Pass items - Number of possible items to be displayed after purchasing a single "pass".
  • Pass days - Number of days the purchased "pass" is valid after it's activated.

Pay Per View on Front-end

When Pay-per-view is enabled user will be asked to buy a plan when clicking on a single product. Select the plan and click  Buy Selected Plan.

User will be redirected to the checkout page and after purchase, he will receive an e-mail with activation code and link. Click on the link and put the code from the e-mail to the activation form. Click  Submit button.

After submitting activation code you will be allowed to view products. On the top of each product page, you will see information about the code you are using and how many products you can view until the expiration date.

More information about the CM Products Directory Payments WordPress  Plugin

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