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Lists allow grouping categories into a list which admin can display by shortcode with attribute.

Creating Lists

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> CM FAQ -> List.

Create a new list to group categories.

  • Name - The name is how it appears on your site.
  • Description - The description is not prominent by default; however, some themes may show it.
  • CM FAQ Page - The page on which shortcode with this list will be running. This is needed in order to have a link back from each q&a page to the index page
  • Order - Terms are usually ordered alphabetically, but you can choose your own order by entering a number (1 for first, etc.) in this field.

Adding Categories to the List

To add Category to the List navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> CM FAQ -> Categories.

Edit category.

On the category edit page, check a list you want to add a category to. Then update category.

Displaying Lists

To display List on the page simply place [cm-faq list="LISTNAME"] shortcode in the content. Set List name as list attribute value.

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