CM Product Directory Community (CMPDC) - Product Claim Functionality

Product Claim Functionality

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> CM Product Directory -> Settings.

Click on the Product Community tab.

Scroll down to the Product Claim Settings section.

  • Claims management - Check the box to allowing products to be claimed by site users. if this is checked than users can claims existing product pages which have not been claimed yet. Once claimed an email will be sent to the admin which can accept or reject the claim.
  • Login form on product page - Checking this option enables the ability to log in on the product page.
  • Require captcha for claims - Check the box to add captcha to secure product claiming form.
  • Allow multiple pending claims for one product - Check the box to allow multiple claims by one product. it is advised not to allow multiple claims to prevent human bots.

Product Claiming Process

First, user has to ope Product Page, toggle Claiming form and send his name and e-mail address to admin.

Then, on the Product Edit page, admin can select one of the users (who sends theirs e-mails) and update post. Here admin can also clear whole claimers list.

After updating a Product, new user is assigned to it. Admin can now send him his login and password to edit Product information.

After user gets an e-mail with credentials, he can login on the Product Page by new form and edit Product.

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