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A category aggregate a single Tweet source (can be a @user or #hashtag). 

It can filter the Tweets by positive or negative keywords and it can also remove old tweets based on the category expiration time settings. 

It is also possible to display the category content using a shortcode in the widget area on any page or post.

In this plugin categories works as single Tweet sources. To add new Tweet navigate to Admin Dashboard  Twitter Aggregator Pro  Categories.

Fill provided fields in Add New Category section.

  • Name - The name is how it appears on your site.
  • Parent - Choose if category should have parent. If it has it will appear in the frontend display as a sub category.
  • Description - Write category description.
  • Twitter source - Field for Tweeter source value (@name or #hashtag).

  • Match keywords - Keywords determine if tweet item is added to category.
  • Exclusion keywords - Exclusion keywords have higher priority than match keywords. In case an exclusion keyword is found the tweet taken from the source will not appear in the category.
  • Tweets processing interval - The interval determine how often tweets are processing.  In you have many categories and you define a very short processing interval you server can get slower. Another implication is related to Twitter API limits. Be sure once having many categories not to define too frequent processing intervals.
  • Tweets presentation duration - Tweets older than this set period of minutes will be deleted.
    Set "0" to never delete any tweet
  • Lists - Add Tweet category to the lists.
  • Color - Choose color for Tweets background.

Click on Add New Category button. Your new category will appear in categories list on the right side.

On the categories list admin has option to refresh all tweets - remove all tweets from category and fetch them again.

Below: After adding a category and attaching it to list user can display it with shortcode (using list or category attribute).

Using Categories Slugs for Shortcodes

When using the shortcode to display a specific category tweets you should use the slug name instead of the category name.

[cm_twitter_aggregator category=CATEGORY_NAME max_links=MAX_LINKS]

You can also display multiple categories like the following example 

[cm_twitter_aggregator category="cat,cat2" max_links=MAX_LINKS]

Slug name should be visible once you edit the category

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