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How Plugin Works

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The Idea Stimulator is an add-on for CM Answers Pro plugin. The option to build an ideation feedback and management system (the capacity for or the act of forming or entertaining ideas).

It can help and support the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas for your employers or customers. This can support all stages of a thought cycle, from innovation through development to actualization.

The Idea Stimulation Process

The process of the idea stimulation starts by posting a new idea and while describing exactly what it is you want to generate new ideas about. You can add video to demonstrate your idea and also set goals of needed approvals to be reached.

While posting new idea user should try to capture the true essence of what he is looking for in as few words as possible. A vague description will usually yield equally vague results.

Users participating in the system can respond to the idea posted, add comments and also vote.

Looking at all ideas posted under a specific category can shows which ideas gained more approvals and responses and which did not pick up. This is a useful aid when trying to brainstorm and facilitate new ideas and creativity within a group of people, students or within a workplace.

Administrator can moderate new ideas posted and also responses to each idea. Administrator can define who can post new ideas and who can respond to ideas posted. Access restrictions can also be set to define who can view the content related to the idea.

How The Plugin Works

User can suggest an idea with standard Questions form on the bottom of the CMA Index page.

Choose idea category and fill custom questions (if category has defined ones).

Set value for Targeted approvals - the number of user's approvals that are need for this idea to get started.

Note: user can change Add questions label to Suggest an Idea and also rest of "questions" labels on the Labels Setting page.

After adding and idea it will appear on the ideas list.

  • Objective reached - Show the number of approvals as percentage - defined as Targeted approvals - the number of user's approvals that are need for this idea to get started.
  • Approve - Users can approve ideas by clicking on Approve button below each Idea. 
  • Downwote/Upvote - Also users can upvote or downvote idea by clicking on the arrows on the left side of the title.

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