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The CM Answers plugin support localization preferences and currently come with several language files as described on the plugins WordPress.org page (this is updated from time to time so please check the WP site). 

You can check the CM Answers localization preferences here

It is easy to add another localization file to support any additional desired language. Simply take one of the already existing language files from plugins/cm-answers/lang and use it to convert to your language. 

Use Poedit to do the actual processing. Once translated, place the two files (PO and MO) inside the lang directory and WordPress will detect it. 

You can also use a simple text editor while editing the .po file and replace the non english text with your own language as in this example:

After doing this you can turn to an online service like potomo http://po2mo.net/ and convert the po file to an mo file and place both in the plugin land directory.

This way you can also support making changes to already defined labels in your own language which you want to change. The process will be: 

  1. - Finding them in the existing po file in your language which is found in the lang directory.
  2. - Converting the po file to the mo
  3. - Uploading it to the lang directory

- Please remember that every time the plugin is updated with a new version, the lang files are replaced. In order to keep your changes you will have to upload it again or send the file changes to CreativeMinds so it will be part of the release.

More information about localization preferences can be found here

Please remember that in order for the localization version to work, you will need a WP version installation in the same language as your localization file.

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