CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) - Settings - Route Page

Settings - Route Page

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Route Manager  Settings. Click on the Route Page tab.

Visible fields

  • Information visible on the route's page - Check which route parameters will be displayed on the single route's page.


  • Enable WP comments - Toggles whether or not to allow WordPress comments for routes.
  • Show route params above the map - Toggles whether to display route params above or below the map. The default is below.
  • Show travel mode switch - Toggles whether or not to allow users to change travel mode on the route. When disabled the user can only view routes with travel modes specified by the route author.
  • Show rating on the route's page - Toggles ratings on or off.
  • Enable directional arrows by default for all routes - Sets the default behaviour for showing directional arrows for all routes.
  • Marker label type - Sets whether to show the marker labels or only while hovering the cursor over the marker.
  • Enable custom icon per location - Allow users to set icon for each location in the route.
  • Show user's position using browser's geolocation - Toggles whether or not to show the user's location on the map using browser location settings. Only works with secure url's (Https).
  • Enable marker clustering - Toggles marker clustering on and off. Clustered markers display more clearly than overlapping markers.

Info window

  • Show info window for the locations - Toggles display of route info windows on/off.
  • Template for the location's info window content - A textbox where the info to be displayed in the window can be configured.
  • Max width for images inside the info window - The number of pixels that the width of the info window picture will be confined to.

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