CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) - Settings - General

Settings - General

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Route Manager  Settings. Then click on the General tab.


  • Page template - Choose the page template of the current theme to use on the index page, routes' pages and the front-end user's dashboard pages.
  • Other page template file - Enter the name of the page template if your template is not on the list above. This option will have priority over the selected page template. Leaving it blank resets it.


  • Default map view - Set default map view: road map, terrain, satellite, satellite + labels.
  • Zoom map when using mouse wheel - Enabling this allows zooming using the mouse scroll wheel.
  • Custom CSS - A field to enter optional custom CSS to embed on every page that contains a CM Map Routes interface.
  • Custom icons - Field for entering the URLs of custom Location markers.
  • Show values on top for each route param - Toggles whether to show a route param or the value's label first.
  • Enable fancy style - Toggles whether to use the standard or new style for fonts and backgrounds.
  • Background color for the fancy style - Sets the background color for the white text if using "fancy style".
  • Divide route params cells in the fancy style - Adds a dashed line between params cells.
  • Map labels background - Sets the background color of the Location labels on the.
  • Background for the tooltip - Sets the background color for the Tooltip that appears when a Location marker is clicked.
  • Enable author links - Adds a link to the author's routes through the route's name.
  • Open author link in new window - Toggles whether to open the authors link in the current window or a new one.
  • Show author avatar - Toggles whether or not to display the author's avatar on the route page.


  • Length units - Toggles units between meters and feet.
  • Temperature units - Toggles units between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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